G1X Mark II - What is with the screen??

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Re: Engineers can't win.

justmeMN wrote:

At least that tends to be the default position people (non-engineers) take when they don't like something.

It seems to me that non-engineers (management/marketing) tell engineers what they want them to make. The decision are made by management, and the design execution is done by engineers.

Of course there is a back and forth, but you and I are not in possession of the details involved in that complex process.  Management could have very easily said that a touchscreen was a requirement and the engineers came back with "okay, but if you also want an articulated screen we can't use the old side hinge that rotates because it can't be made stable enough to resist constant force."  Who knows.  If engineers got to built whatever they wanted you'd live in a world of gadgets nobody would want to use because engineers want things made for people are technically minded and aren't bothered by confusing control interfaces that may be perfectly efficient but not terribly intuitive.  Oh, and most engineers don't have a clue about making things that have to be used by a lot of normal people, so some of them do need to be forced out of utilitarian thinking and into aesthetic and simple design strategies.

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