If it wasn't Sony...

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Re: If it wasn't Sony...

I checked Panasonic, though video is still secondary to me.

I've used Pansonic mirrorless since they first came out in 2008. (Before that Olympus DSLRs back to 2005, then Nikon DSLRs before that).

For the last year I've been taking an "extended test drive" with Sony, and at this point I'm very ambivalent. On the Sony side I love the 16-70 and 18-105 lenses but barely tolerate the NEX camera controls. From Panasonic I find the cameras much more photographer-friendly, but they don't make a premium standard length zoom -- which is my most used lens. For m4/3 I'm using the Olympus 14-54 originally designed for regular 4/3.

Video is looking more important every day, and Panasonic definitely has a lead here, though if Sony will just come up with an external mic input the rest would meet my needs.

Sony (I think) has a better flash system, though it has limitations.

In theory I like that Sony offers compatibility between FF and APS, mirrorless and fixed mirror -- but in reality I tried an A99 and really did not like it. I feel no actual need for FF.

Who knows which way I'll go long term -- to be honest the RX10 is looking very tempting. Everything in one package, no more carrying and switching lenses, all the image quality I really need. Yep, very tempting.


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