Panny 25mm 1.4 vs Olympus 25mm 1.8 Reviewed

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PL25 gives better 3Dimensionality

In M43, every bit of shallow depth of field is needed, and what PL25 is offering is truly a minimum to get that separation and 3dimensionality in the photos, at least at 50mm eq.

In Mr Wong review, there are already some examples that demonstrate it, but the web small size makes them less obvious. In normal street photography for instance, you want to have some environmental portraits, and even at that work distance, PL25 continues to offer some separation to give the photo a sense of depth. I don't see it in this example in the Oly shot. And I know this is very important for me.

I recognize though, that the Oly has less onion rings and fringing in bokeh rings.

In my experience too, PL25 is sharp as hell at f2.8, till the furthest corners. There's something else you don't see in these shots, it's the unique look of this lens photos, its colors and contrast. It's a lens that has character and personality and I prefer it to many clinically perfect lenses in my arsenal. My choice would always be the sweat Panny.



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