Fuji XT-1- Pentax Take Notice!

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Re: Fuji XT-1- Pentax Take Notice!- My Last Posting on These Forums

audiobomber wrote:

Discourse is a two-way street. If you don't want to hear the nay side, don't start the thread. A thread about how the XT-1 is going to hurt Canon or Nikon, posted in their respective forums, won't be an different. Try it, let us know how it goes.

Buh-bye then. Good luck finding that forum. I don't think it exists.

Dan, you are correct in that discourse is a two-way street. Discourse though should not give someone the right to be mean and angry, especially over cameras. And, you are correct in that I see this type of confrontation happening in many forums, not just here on the Pentax forum. It is an unfortunate situation that really needs to be resolved. I photograph because I enjoy photography, whether it is with a Pentax or another brand. Photography is not my life but is an important part of my life. Having been on these forums for a number of years I have seen them degrade to the point where I no longer wish to participate. That is just me. I need a break from these forums just to get back to enjoying what I came here for in the first place. Photography.

I do wish everyone the best. Having been a Pentaxian for a long time I wish Pentax the best too.

This is my last posting on these forums so I won't be responding to anyone else.


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