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Re: As of first 43 votes, you gotta admit

Dennis wrote:

I didn't answer because it's a split between Fuji and Olympus & Nikon. Right now, I need fast AF tracking with an f/2.8 tele zoom for about 40% of what I shoot. Nikon gives me that (Canon would, too). Olympus has the fast AF with an f/2.8 tele zoom, but haven't tried the tracking. Fuji has an f/2.8 zoom coming up, but it's only 200mm equivalent, whereas the other options give me 300mm equivalent. And not sure about the AF.

BTW (don't know why I couldn't edit the previous post) no need to mention aperture equivalence here ... I don't need the shallower DOF that APS-C offers and would be content with f/2.8 on the EM1 at the ISOs I'm currently shooting my D7000, so even though f/2.8 isn't exactly the same between m43 and APS-C, I'd be looking at f/2.8 tele zooms on either.

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