Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

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Re: Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

rovingtim wrote:

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

My point was it competes better than you would think.

In some types of photography. Not so much in others.

LCD not important if there is a decent OVF? How do you check the image you just took for critical focus in bright sunlight

Shade the (bigger) LCD?

or do you home and find out the hard way you missed?

How do you do live view focus and get it right with magnified view in bright sunlight?

Never needed to in my photography. By the way, Nikon's focus is considered very accurate.

From my experience, MF is a chimp and shoot. I had a 50mm f1.8 AI-S and a 105 f2.5 AI-S and the green dot indicator was hopeless on my D3100, as well as borrowed D7000 and D600 I tried. You have to become familiar with the lens and realize how much past the point where the green dot lines up you need to turn, you also need to know if you approach the dot from far or near focus. The indicator is useless for critical focus since it is lit up for some time even if focus ring turns. Using the LCD is a bit better because it can be magnified, but even then MF is no walk in the park especially since in live view the mirror is flapping around and the lag to take the shot may cause you to miss it. From what I experienced, Nikon does not go even slightly out of its way to make MF feasible use, people who MF are probably all just insane or have after market split screen on their viewfinders.

I consider myself crazy, and here are my MF results of kids playing... I just memorized my lens behavior, got a magnifying eyepiece, and stopped paying attention to the dot. I have 20/16 vision and could see the focus in the awful little viewfinder on the D3100. I started to have a steady rate of keepers in MF.

The EVF is very good for this as well. If you are used to OVF and are suspicious of EVF (which they can be a bit annoying at times) but XT1 EVF seems to be very well received.


How is the EVF response in a fast pan, it didn't strike me as good, everything smeared until I stopped moving the camera.

With the panorama feature it makes the panorama on the spot and you can review before you leave the scene. That is a lot more useable than taking panoramas and having to stitch it later. You dismiss that as of no importance. To me that is a very valuable feature that I have used a lot to great effect.

Glad you like it.

It means also your 24mm lens can be a high rez ultra wide angle that can take images even your 14mm full frame lens cannot.

Why? (by the way, I don't own FF, though I have shot and processed shots from them)

Anyway the question was whether someone could be convinced XT1 mirrorless was a good move over D610.

My experience with XE1 and D800e was the D800e didn't get any use after I got the XE1 on a regular basis.

Perhaps their experience may be the same. Smallness and lightness is a critical aspect of these cameras yet great IQ and features.

Yep. If size and weight are critical, then mirrorless wins. Period.

AF has been lacking but it appears with both XT1 and Sony A6000 those days of weak AF performance may be finally over (reviews to confirm).

Mirrorless AF is becoming better. Still weaker than DSLR's in terms of continuous AF and low light.

Is there some quantifiable, standard measure of AF performance? A standard moving target/scene that measures light level vs AF acquisition time/accuracy? I can't find such a benchmark anywhere, and all cameras make claims that they have the best AF. For me AF is critical, and is probably one of the biggest things holding me back from mirrorless, I want to know if the "DSLR has better AF" is FUD.

The best thing is to get both in your hands and try them out and see if you like them or not.


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