Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

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Need and Like

The problem is I know what I need, so I am trying to find out which camera I will like Hand holding something for a few minutes in the store helps, but is hardly a decidedly through way to familiarize myself with a camera.

Doing my research thoroughly this time around, I am a firm believer that EVFs will be the way of the future, but I am trying to find out if they are close enough today. I looked at the cameras in store, and the vewfinder lag/smear/jello when I do a quick pan or slight shake *may* impact my ability to take some shots. I am also concerned about AF in low light (esp since I am basically giving up flash with Fuji) I loved the low light flexibility I got from my SB-700, from good AF assist that followed focus point, to the bounce flash ability.

I have a feeling I will really like the Fuji output over what I got from Nikon (without LR PP). One question, when I tried the Olympus OM-D, I noticed that there is a button on the top plate that allows you to customize the shadow/highlight curve. Does Fuji have something like that (even if in menu)?

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