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Re: Pretend it's an EM-5.

morepix wrote:

After all that good work, I'm not sure I'm going to try to implement it. The obstacles I'd have to over come are:

  • Making it work in batch mode
  • Dealing with some issues concerning the downloading / renaming program that I've integrated into my workflow.

And to tell the truth, I'm finding so far that the JPG's out of this camera are pretty darn good. I think they may be even better than those from the E-M5, maybe due to the new processing engine the E-M10 shares with the E-M1. For sure, I'll go back to raw when Adobe has done their thing, as there's little reason not to and some definite advantages. But I may opt to struggle through for a month on JPGs.

However, I'll bet some other readers will jump at the opportunity you've turned up for them here.

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Excellent, that's good feedback. Since that will probably stop others, here's the automatic method that will do it in 2 clicks per file.

Automate changing em10 raw to be recognized as em5 raw:

1: install VIM from here http://www.vim.org/download.php

2: install GNU on Windows from here https://github.com/bmatzelle/gow/releases
use all default options for these.

3: use file explorer and go to go to "%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo" in file explorer

4: make a text file in there with the following text:


:: go to "%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo" in file explorer
:: drop this bat file in there

set xxdbin="c:\Program Files (x86)\Vim\vim74\xxd.exe"
set srt=%1
set fin=%1.em10conv.orf
echo converting %srt% to %fin%

set iem10=452d4d3130202020202020202020
set iem5=452d4d3520202020202020202020

%xxdbin% -ps -c 4096 %srt% |sed "s/%iem10%/%iem5%/"|%xxdbin% -ps -c 4096 -r > %fin%


Just copy and paste it in. Save the file as a bat file - i.e. rename it to something like CONVem10.bat.

Now all you have to do it right click on an em10 RAW file, mouse over the "send to" menu and click on the bat file you made. The converted file will appear in the same folder of the name.

put the bat file in your send to folder to  access it easily

right click on file, send to, your bat file, and the output will show up in that folder

Converted file EXIF check.... Big success

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