G1X Mark II - What is with the screen??

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Re: G1X Mark II - What is with the screen??

I for one am very happy they switched to the tilt mechanism. Perfect for operating your camera like a medium format camera with a simple flick to open the screen to 90 degrees and snap shut when I stop shooting. Saves having to unfold it and flip it round each and every time.

This is how I've always used my NEX and find it very comfortable.

You wouldn't use it with the screen opened out on its arms like the photo suggests, this mechanism just gives the screen a hinge point at the bottom as well as the top so allows the screen to flip at least 90 degrees down aswell as a 180 degree flip up. So the wires aren't exposed any more than they are with olympus or sony cameras - which I've never heard anyone having any problems with. In fact I imagine they are more sturdy as the wiring loom isn't getting the twisting stress aswell as flip.

Anyway it's just a matter of changing your technique and there seems to be just as many people who prefer a slimmer camera with no articulation as those that prefer articulation so from a marketing point of view it seems like a good compromise.

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