Fuji XT-1- Pentax Take Notice!

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Re: Fuji XT-1- Pentax Take Notice!

Jim in Hudson wrote:

locke_fc wrote:

locke_fc wrote:

You're not the only one, but this forum is the wrong place to say so. Everything's fine and dandy in Pentax-land, as the usual suspects have already told you.

Yes, it is the wrong forum. This is the Pentax Forum. I want a DSLR, because DSLR's do things that MILCs can't do. Things that matter to me. I did a great deal of research and decided on Pentax as the ideal choice. Nothing in the past seven years has made me think I made a mistake.

If I couldn't shoot Pentax for some reason, I'd buy a Canon or Nikon DSLR. If I wanted a Fuji or some other MILC, I'd buy one, and post about it in that forum. MILC needs to come a long way to catch up with DSLR's, in sales and performance. If MILC's ever do catch up to DSLR's, I'm sure Pentax will be there.

Ok, so the Pentax forum is the wrong forum to discuss whether Pentax may be lagging behind the competition and could maybe take note of some of the innovations others are introducing.

Excuse me, but that's an hilarious conception of what forums are for. Are we only supposed to discuss the topics pre-approved by the "Pentax defense force" (you guys know who you are)?

Ok, then.

Lagging behind Fujifilm... how?

I said "discuss whether...", but lately it's impossible in this forum because a few guys seem to be on call to put down instantly anyone who dares make any criticism against Pentax.

Honestly, this level of defensiveness about a brand takes me back to my teens when I used to post in video gaming forums. I would have thought here we're all much older and mature than that, but apparently, that's not the case, so let's just all stick to "DPR biased against Pentax" and "K-3 the best APS-C ever" kind of posts, and we'll live happily ever after.

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