Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

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Re: Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

I have a Nikon D4 and the 24-70 and 70-200 f/2.8 Nikkor lenses.

At some point in people's lives the size and weight of these cameras really does, literally, hurt.  Recently I hurt my shoulder while shooting on the D4, and had to rest for nearly a week before it got better.  So don't underestimate size and weight as a consideration.

So I decided to get a Fuji XE2.  First, the camera and lens are beautifully designed and engineered.  The control layout and setup, with the shutter speed and aperture dials, are a real pleasure to use. If you look at the 18-55mm kit lens and compare it to a comparable lens from any other manufacturer, the superior quality and engineering are obvious.  It's made of metal, not plastic, the controls are silky smooth and altogether it's a great experience.  From the standpoint of tactile pleasure, then, the Fuji cameras and lenses are miles ahead of comparably priced Nikons and very competitive with my $10,000+ Nikon camera and lens system.

Image quality is close for static subjects.  However, the Fuji autofocus struggles in low light and in high-speed shooting situations.  For those use cases, the Nikon D4 is absolutely unparalleled.  I found myself delighted with Fuji's results in getting shots of the Wynwood Walls in Miami.  But I found it poor (relative to the D4 at five times the price) for any kind of dynamic shots - from kids to fast-moving concert performers, the D4 reigns supreme.  Of course the D600/D610 are not meant for this kind of shooting, either, so you will probably find it a closer contest than I.

I don't know if the XT1 will fix the dynamic problem or not.  I managed to mislay the XE2 while I was traveling, so I have one on order.  I can say I miss the XE2 a lot, and I really look forward to the arrival of the XT1.  But I don't expect the XT1 to replace my D4.  What I do expect is that for more casual shooting situations where speed is not critical, the XT1 will give me exceptional performance and shooting pleasure.  That was true of the XE2 so it would be very surprising to me if the XT1 was not even better.

And that makes it worth its weight in gold.

Hope that helps.


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