What would you call a FF Pentax?

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Re: alternative - Sony or film so far

D TONG wrote:

viking79 wrote:

ragmanjin wrote:

Sony really has no place in this discussion.

Also, I don't see how this is a reply to OzDean and I.

It does, because it is a full frame that works with all Pentax K mount lenses.


Works with all K-mount lenses...unless you want AF or aperture control, let alone Pentax ergonomics or RAW quality. Sure most of the FF-capable lenses have aperture rings but honestly, why bother with MF and stop-down metering every time you want to slap an FA ltd on there?

It's a crap compromise.


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Sony is the only FF digital Pentax until Pentax comes out with one.
There is another one close to impossible alternative - film.
Take your pick
Daniel, Toronto

At least the lenses work right with film.

Fuji Reala film...still regularly using my FF Pentax. Wouldn't be caught dead disgracing these lenses with a Sony FE adapter, but maybe it's just me?


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