ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

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Re: ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

Ianperegian wrote:

I compared the ZS40 with the recently announced Canon SX700 HS and the Sony HX60V, as shown below:

The ZS40 is the only model with an EVF and RAW capability, and it is also the lightest in weight and the smallest (in volume).

The HX60V has a new processor but it’s otherwise basically the same as the previous model, the HX50V, and they have the same lens. Some example images at various FLs have been posted for the ZS40 (here and here ) and the HX60V (here ) and the HX50V (here ).

From the EXIF data I prepared a plot comparing the widest available aperture across the zoom range for the ZS40 and the HX60V, as shown below:

I was surprised that the HX60V narrows much more quickly than the ZS40. At about 125mm FL the HX60V has already reached f/6.3, where it remains across the entire range from 125mm to 720mm. The ZS40 OTOH narrows more gradually. At 125mm its widest aperture is f/5.4 and it only reaches its narrowest aperture of f/6.4 at close to 720mm; at 640mm it is still at f/6.2.

The HX60V has 20 MP on its 1/2.3” sensor, while the ZS40 has 18MP on its 1/2.3” sensor. That means that the HX60V has slightly smaller pixels and is generally at narrower apertures than the ZS40. That means the HX60V is generally more affected by diffraction.

The Canon SX700 has a new lens and it is unknown as to how its apertures change since no example images have yet been posted. Its lens starts from 25mm at WA instead of the 24mm as on the other models and its max zoom is 750mm instead of 720mm.

At the moment the ZS40 seems to be coming out ahead of the competition.


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Many thanks for posting these comparisons for us and especially the graph showing the aperture versus focal length.  This is definitely an advantage for the ZS40 for me.  I assumed that by limiting the focal length to 500mm the ZS40 would be slightly faster lens than ZS35?   Hard to tell as the figures are too small to read on my computer screen.

Very surprising that the ZS40 still  remains the smallest of the three inspite of including a small EVF and same size rear LCD.  I believe the previews while noting the EVF is similar to that in the LF1 it has better optics that improve the view.

My only gulp is the price of about $450 so that makes the ZS35 at $300 (?) and hinged LCD very attractive option.  I have long hoped for such a model only with a reversible screen.

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