Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

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Re: Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

Midwest wrote:

Steve9 wrote:

So what say you, Fuji fans? Do I drop Nikon and go Fujifilm?

Well you ask that question in the Fuji forum, I wonder what sort of responses you'll get. I hope you posted in the Nikon forum 'convince me to stay with Nikon instead of Fuji.'

I'm going down to my Chevy dealer and ask him if I'd be happier trading in my Toyota for one of his cars.

All they are going to tell Steve9 is to wait for the D7200 and "see" what it will bring to the table.

I am going to tell you something right now even when the D7200 has not even come out yet, the D7200 will still have POOR video capabilities for one.  Nikon is sure as hell not going to have a D70 like video performance in that camera.  It took Canon quite a while to do that, and nikon is not going to come up with something like that from one day to the next.

The only thing i see nikon coming up with is the darn FPS people have been asking for (in the nikon DX PRO forums) but it won't come in a D300 type of body either  

And the new sensor won't have banding, which is good, it will have built-in WiFi and GPS.  That's all i am seeing from nikon.  Nothing exciting.

And they still haven't produced ANY high quality DX zoom lenses for 24MP sensors, which i think is pointless and LAME to buy a sensor like that with no lenses.  The 17-55 is NOT good enough.

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