Am I wrong? A6000 just a NEX 7 with a composite body and no tri navi

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Re: Yes, you are wrong

Donny out of Element here wrote:

mike geier wrote:

Am I wrong? A6000 just a NEX 7 with a composite body and no tri navi, in other words, a cheaped down NEX 7?

It has OSPDAF AF that NEX-7 can dream of. It has improved sensor with better high ISO. It has better battery life. It has Wi-Fi and NFC. It has new much faster BIONZ-X quad core chip with new jpeg engine and selective noise reduction. It has much better price.

The only "downgrade" is EVF (still sharper and cleaner look than one in N6/7) and absence of tri-navi, BUT it has dedicated MR mode on top dial, C1 and C2 buttons, and 7 customizable buttons overall. IMHO it is a no contest with N6/7. Not even close.

who cares .. IF its contrast detection improves the NEX dire low light AF thats worth the upgrade (cant get to excited about sensor/processor bumps certainly not worth selling to upgrade) ... any more expensive and you would have to be a nutter not to go Sony FF if you wanted to stick with sony.

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