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Re: Tom, easy solution

Marty4650 wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

Now you may disagree with this use of the phrase "crop factor". But if that's the case, then I have to ask you what other term would you use to describe the relationship between various sensor sizes and the fields of view of lenses used on them?

I suppose you mean "equivalent focal length" because there is no crop factor when you use a M4/3 lens on an M4/3 camera. There is also no crop factor when using a Pentax Q lens on a Pentax Q camera, and so forth.

But "equivalent focal length" describes the field of view of a particular lens, it doesn't give you the factor you need to use for calculating the equivalent field of view for any lens.   In other words, this formula:

equivalent focal length = actual focal length  X  crop factor

It doesn't take much of a look around to see that "crop factor" is the term most often used to describe this value.  I seriously doubt that this is going to change no matter how much you try to dissuade people from it.  And if you take the attitude that you're right and everyone else is wrong then I think you're just going to make a lot of (probably futile) work for yourself every time you try to get a point across.

That's my opinion, which of course you are perfectly free to ignore!

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