how can the NEX auto-focus miss these shots?

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Re: how can the NEX auto-focus miss these shots?

blue_skies wrote:

Did you press the shutter too quickly all the way through?

The 5R should have used phase-detection at 55mm f/5.6 1/125 ISO 100, and should have resolved the focus, especially in multi-mode with face detection on.

Face registration does not matter - it only tells the camera which face to focus on if there are multiple faces defected within the frame.

Even with the white background, the PDAF should have worked.

The first image looks like a classic CDAF background focus problem.

Is your lens updated for PDAF support?

Did you get too close (mfd limits)?

Did you press too hard and moved the camera?

Did you press too quickly (should work in PDAF mode though)?

Are these one-off, or typical results for you? If one-off, the white background may be culprit.

Do you have another PDAF enabled AF lens and if so, do you get same results? How about with this lens at 35mm position?

I believe you said that you use center focus. If you engage hybrid PDAF, you will see the multi-point array on the screen; if you don't you have not enabled PDAF. Which is far, far better to get fast accurate focus for many kinds of images.

Both 'hunting' and focusing on the background will stop in the majority of cases.

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