Misinformation about m4/3

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Re: Not every photographer knows the gear...

lambert4 wrote:

They shouldn't have taught gear if they didn't know it though.  Was the remainder of the workshop informative?

chalk it up as one of those thing you couldn't control, if you enjoyed the workshop.  If not you may have a valid excuse for a refund.  I have learned a lot from those that don't know my m4/3 from a FF but know photography beyond my abilities.

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Here's to learning something new everyday, and remembering it the next.

Back in art school, we were given assignments and the meat of the learning came from critiquing our work. That's where we discussed composition, image details, DoF choices etc... that was the most important part... focusing on our final images and investigating how we could have made them better. Shutter speed and stop action etc. is pretty simple and DoF a little more complicated and subjective as is perspective and FL, but technically, those are the basics that you have to learn... and learn to control by using the gear that you have.

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