G1X Mark II - What is with the screen??

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Engineers can't win.

At least that tends to be the default position people (non-engineers) take when they don't like something.  It makes perfect sense and is perfectly understandable, but if you were part of a team that exhaustively designed, tested, and redesigned a complex system that was greatly influenced by the need to balance one consumer demand with another consumer demand I think you might take it a little easier on the poor designers.

Dave92F1 wrote:

You can't tell from the photos here on DPR, but the screen on the G1X Mark II is not the usual Canon "Vari-angle" - it's a new thing that only tilts up-and-down, not left-and-right.

It is actually very obvious from the photos on DPR as well as videos, press material, etc etc.

What is with this? I think it's a huge downgrade from the vari-angle design, which let you nestle the camera tight against your belly for stability (like an old medium-format camera).

Yeah, I seriously doubt there was a lot of importance placed on the very few people who shoot this way.  I'd call that a very non-standard method and also not one that was important enough to completely change the design strategy.

I always open the screen to the left, so I can see it with the camera braced against my body - it looks like that won't work anymore!

You are not the only person in the world who might buy this camera, but I'd bet you could adjust your strategy if you need to and, if not, I'd bet there are many other cameras for you to choose from.

I'm a huge fan of vari-angle, I've had 4 or 5 cameras with it. And I tried the Sony R1 years back and got rid of it because it had a similar up-and-down-only flip screen.

What is Canon thinking?

Take your articulating LCD camera out and start trying to pretend like the LCD is a touch screen and make some changes to your settings.  You're putting stress on the hinge and you're also most likely changing the orientation of the screen, and making that hinge stiffer to resist people who push buttons harder than necessary is probably not feasible.  Also, compare how thin this assembly is to a standard articulating LCD.  The truth is that considering what this touchscreen is designed to do it takes care of many, many shooting situations.  Oh, and if Marco thinks some exposed wires is such a horrible design I really think he needs to apply for a job engineering for Canon.

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