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Win8 hate - some justified, some not

Having to deal with Win8 on a mass scale gives me a different perspective, but I think it's safe to say that 99% of the hate directed at Win8 is the Metro GUI and lack of start menu, correct? Not the underlying OS itself.

From a purely OS perspective, Win8 is superior to Win7, especially in mobile form. While many of these differences are subtle, it simply has better power management and resource tweaking that is obvious when you install it on less than state of the art mobile devices compared to that same device running Win7.

Metro, for lack of a better term 'sucks', and contrary to constant advice to install a 3rd party Start GUI this isn't an option in many circumstances I deal with. I then have to support that 3rd party add on and deal with any conflicts. Different story for home use where you can do what you want. It also doesn't negate Metro at all because Win8 will still throw you into difficult to to exit Metro wizards for ambiguous sign-ups to MS live, clicking on media links, etc. Very confusing for workflow minded people I have to support.

Just a side comment about Vista given several people are bashing it. Vista's main problem was lack of hardware support when it was introduced. Unlike Vista, Win7 wasn't greeted with people trying to install it on 2gig P4's running integrated video and other hardware that should have been run through a recycling shredder. I don't run into Vista that much, but when I do it's not much different than Win7 and certainly a step up from XP provided it's running on adequate hardware.

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