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Re: DOF Preview

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Trollman said that the A7 gives live view DOF preview. I own an A7R and I can't find any reference to DOF in the manual.

So how do we get DOF preview in the A7/R cameras?

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Michael S

Set one of your custom buttons (I use C3) to DOF preview or there is an option for 'shot preview' which will show you full DoF preview (doesn't go dark like an SLR).

DOF is not fixed, which is basically why DOF scales are difficult to implement especially in digital.

I've used this setting before and I didn't find it helpful - perhaps I'm missing something.

I tend to use focus peaking and live view to get an idea of DOF. You can watch the focus zone moving if you use MF. It's tricky to interpret, but you start to get a feel for it pretty quickly. It's important to adjust the peaking level to match your lens - telephotos needing more, wides needing less.

As default the Aperture of Shot preview will not help you greatly. It is only when you turn Live View Display Effect to "OFF", then the aperture will be wide open when focussing, and you can use the aperture or shot preview to preview DOF, like you do with a DSLR. Pretty neat that you have the choice.

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