Need For Articulating LCD On 6D MKII

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Re: Limitations of WiFi for Live View

Habemus_Canon wrote:

Thanks for your post and email Mike. I am well aware of the external monitor options. In fact, I purchased one - and quickly returned it. Just too cumbersome as a solution - cables, batteries and something perched in the hot shoe mount of my camera raising the center of gravity in a slippery stream bed... well you get the idea.

Why couldn't you have used the wi-fi and and a smartphone as a remote?

All of the Canon wireless Live View output is of relatively low quality, approximately 640X480. This is the USB level output and is adequate for composition but inadequate for fine focus applications. No matter how many pixels your phone/pad has, your resolution will be limited by the camera USB resolution. By comparison the HMDI camera output on the side of the camera has HD resolution. The difference is like an old tube TV Vs a HD (1080) TV with a good HD level recording. I don't know of any pad or smartphone that can directly display HDMI cable output.

Mike K

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