how can the NEX auto-focus miss these shots?

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Re: how can the NEX auto-focus miss these shots?

Sir Punk wrote:

I know the photographer makes a difference but I am getting annoyed with my nex 5R because sometimes it misses good shots where autofocus and the subject in question shouldn't be trivial to figure out it should be in focus. I don't always or want to change the focus point because sometimes there is just no time and it should be evident. Look here... what do you guys think? I had face detection on (regist faces) but I have no faces registered, regardless, why is it focusing on everything else but the subject in the center. I have multi-area focus mode. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere?

this looks to be in better focus until you look at it closer or in full screen

Well, the nex line backfocuses sometimes, as people explained, cause of contraste, etc. There are things you can do to avoid it. I will explain what I do, but many peopel have already expalin some of them.

I dont have my nex-6 here with me, so some things that I will say may not be the exact name, but you will understand them.

First, the focus type(multipoint, center, flexible spot) change it to flexible spot. Select the center spot, but change it if needed, specially for portrait orientation (not this case)

Second set the focus mode to DMF.

Third set peaking on, to a color that matches the sceene. You may need to change thsi from time to time if the sceene needs it.

Last set AF ilumination to off.

With these changes you will reduce the possibility of backfocus, but they will still happen. But with this configuration you can check it.

HAlf press to get focus and check the peaking. Check if it is on your subject or the background. If on the background, start moving the point arround the subject till it finds a contrasty zone that will show the peaking. Focus there and recompose. With practice this becomes authomatic. Also with practice you start recognizing the zones that are easier to get focus.

Another thing you will notice with the focus, when trying to get focus on straight lines, is that you cant have them paralell to the sensor borders. If it is completely horizontal, or completely vertical, tilt the camera, get focus, and tilt it back till it is straight. Many AF systems have probelms with straight lines paralell to the borders. Dont know why. Just tilting it 20' is enough to get focus.

All these things come with practice, with understanding how the camera works and not fighting it but using its quirks to your advantage. Hope this helps.

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