Panny 25mm 1.4 vs Olympus 25mm 1.8 Reviewed

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i've always been interested in RW's findings and his approach.

i feel he gives honest opinions with the good and the bad(if there is bad worth mentioning).

seems to me that he has NOT changed the way he approaches anything since he became an employee of Olympus.

anyhoo- it does not surprise me to hear an opinion stating a brand new dZuiko 25 mm lens model of significantly lighter weight is sometimes sharper (in places) than an ~5 year older model.

as 'unpredictable' as Oly are i really would not have expected them to release a dZuiko 25 1.8 to us that was not up to the challenge to the other m4/3 25 mm offering(s) and not up to the IQ quality of their other similar lenses.

BTW i have the P/L 25 1.4. it's the only non Olympus (non legacy) lens I use (4/3 and m4/3) and I do like it.

The one small point I will mention is it's MIJ (made in Japan).

Is the MIJ important? I do not know really.To me the concern is QC no matter where the product is made.

I have read comments in the past that user's with equipment that was not MIJ were unhappy about a particular item not being MIJ. Is a lens, by default, 'better' if it's MIJ rather MI(other asian country)

I'm looking forward to a more formal/standard test comparison too. Not that i'd swap(-$) my P/L.

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