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Re: NEW Fujifilm Camera!
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MostlyUnoriginal wrote:

ryan2007 wrote:

Still shooting Analog, why?

using film is very different both in the shooting and the final result, and whether or not the differences are appealing is a matter of taste. your question might as well be 'why do you like seafood?'.

No, the question might be more like "Why do you prefer analog seafood over digital seafood, when 99.99% of all gourmets can't detect any taste or other sensory differences, analog seafood is so much more expensive per byte, and it's so much harder to find and prepare?"

Adding to that, if you go away on a scenic desert for a year that has AC power, you can carry a year's worth of digital seafood memories in a shirt pocket, but those analog digital memories will take ... Oh, I forgot. You have to process and masticate those analog seafood memories so very very slowly, one byte at a time, so you probably wouldn't need a truck to be able to remember those analog seafood meals.

Yes, you're right. In the end we submit mostly to our preferences. Graham's preferences, even though he probably really loves large film formats, is probably tainted a bit by a loathing not of Fuji digital cameras, but of the Fuji digital shooters that often unfairly insult and taunt him.

"Revenge is a (seafood) dish best served cold." -- Pierre Choderlos de Laclos

Remember to clean the rollers and better get ya self a silver recovery unit it may come in handy.

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