Reversible Lens Hood For Pany 20/1.7?

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Anders W
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Re: Reversible Lens Hood For Pany 20/1.7?

Sean Nelson wrote:

Anders W wrote:

...and doesn't interfere with the special "parking maneuver" of the 20.

I have the 20mm f/1.7, so I've just gotta ask what this "special parking maneuver" is...

Do what Bob already suggested: turn the camera on/off or mount/dismount the lens and look at the tip of the lens barrel. As you'll see, it will perform a little in-out dance (presumably a sort of AF self-test) during which it temporarily retracts the inner barrel so that it is slightly inside the outer barrel. If you have something mounted at the tip of the inner barrel, such as a step-up ring or a hood, that blocks that movement, it might not be so good.

That's what people worry about with regard to hoods (in this thread) and step-up rings (in others). With regard to hoods, I don't think there is any problem in most cases (although exceptions might exist). When it comes to step-up rings, you may have more reason to watch out.

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