Am I wrong? A6000 just a NEX 7 with a composite body and no tri navi

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Re: Yes, you are wrong

I actually see if more as a humpless, APS-C A7.

To me, a long time N7 user who still picks my N7 over any other camera (and yes, I returned the A7), the N7 is mostly about TriNavi and mag alloy case. Both these things make a huge difference vs other cameras. I loved my N6 units and like the 6's IQ slightly over the N7, but I still always pick the N7 when going out the door, because the TriNavi is genius for a Manual shooter like me, and the metal construction *feels* completely different in the hand.

I though the A7's build was appropriate, but not superb. I expect the A6000 (which I preordered anyway) to have pretty much the same. The new custom controls are welcome, but very necessary to balance the loss of the TriNavi. Fortunately, from what I read, the top dial is very configurable, which should let anybody adapt it to their shooting styles.

I hope the jpeg processing is NOT that of the A7, which I did find much worse than the N7's.

As amazing as the N7 is (and I'm totally keeping mine), if the AF claims of the A6000 are true, then it's gonna be a pretty neat camera.

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