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Thank you for taking the time to express your views. What makes things worse is I am a very indecisive person and then worry I have made a mistake. I love getting out with the camera, over the summer I am out almost every day and I feel in this past year I have progressed which I hope to continue doing. I guess in some respects sticking with DX makes more sense as I have never had any issues with the range.cropped sensor and all I would need to do is add a wide angle lens. I see you have a D7100 how do you feel this performs at say iso 800 compared to what I would get from my D90 as this is my main concern. I think what scared me a little was all the comments on the D7100 saying how unforgiving it was which got me slightly worried that I may end up with lots of blurred photos as my technique may not be up to what I thought.

The images at 1600 ISO with the D7100 will be better than 800 ISO of the D90. Even 3200 ISO is very usable. 6400 ISO is not bad but I use that as a last resort. As long as you shoot RAW and with careful processing you can get an excellent A4 sized image at 6400 ISO.

It can be a little unforgiving yes, it will perform better when the lenses are tuned into the camera. Perhaps use a slightly higher shutter speed helps etc. This is overplayed a little though. The files are much bigger from the D7100 than the D90. If you print the same size from both cameras then you will not see the difference even if maybe the shot was not perfect on the D7100. I have owned the D300 in the past. With the D300 I did not like going past 800 ISO this has now gone up to 1600 ISO and not the end of the world at 3200 ISO. Combine this with a fast and exceedingly high quality lens like the new Sigma 18-35 F1.8 allows for a huge overall improvement. Any of these cameras mentioned are a very notable upgrade from the D90 that is very apparent when you first shoot with one.

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