FX for a casual shooter?

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Re: FX for a casual shooter?

You've gotten lots of good advice. Just a few thoughts to add:

Shooting FX generally involves heavier and more expensive equipment. If either of those are big negatives, you should be sure to consider them in your decision making. For example, you say you often shoot in low light. Along with the new camera, perhaps you should be considering a 2.8 zoom? If so, be sure to look at the size, weight, and cost of such lenses on both DX and FX. There is noticeable difference.

On the other hand, for some enthusiasts, shooting FX is in and of itself a pleasure--whether justifiable technically or not. If one can afford the gear and using it enhances their joy of photography, so be it.

Over a year ago, I moved from D7000 to D800. The increase in overall image quality was significant. The increase in in quality when shooting in low-light was even more dramatic. I shoot regularly in very low light so appreciate the advantage. And to be honest, I also just enjoy shooting FX.

Lastly, when shooting in at higher ISO, developing good post-processing skills also pays off quite a bit.

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