Panny 25mm 1.4 vs Olympus 25mm 1.8 Reviewed

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Re: I think its a Big Win for Olympus 28/1.8

007peter wrote:

Readin R.W.'s review:

  • Olympus is smaller than Panasonic
  • Olympus has superior CA control

On Olympus bodies. It's up to Olympus to provide better CA. Panasonic is able to do it, OPlympus choses not to. That's very much against siprit of u4/3 , don't you think? It was supposed to be open system, all lenses working fine on all bodies and now see, all interoperability issues are related to Olympus. First issues with 20mm, then with 7-14mm, issues with CA correction... Somehow Panasonic is able to cope with that.

  • Olympus is slightly wider (see conclusion): wider is easier to use as walk-about prime

At the cost of more distortions.

  • Olympus is estimated about 1/3 stop brighter by R.W.

brigther than what? That 1.4 Pana? RW  shoudl work in his phrasing more - it's not that Olympus is 1/3 brighter than Pana. It's about Panasonic being 1/3EV darker than nominal f1.4. I.e. there is still 1/3EV difference in favour for Pana (P is 1.4, Oly is 1.8, 1.4+1/3EV = 1.8 - 1/3EV) . Assumed, RW measurements are correct.

I wonder how he get's this biased phrasing in the overall correct language in a way that Olympus benefits from it.

  • Olympus is cheaper.
  • Bokeh is not much difference between the two.

The difference is as it is supposed to be for 2/3 f-stop difference. Suddenly no need for glass brighter than 1.8 because Olympus does not make one?

I think its safe to say its a big win for Olympus.

For sure for it's die hard fans. Actually for them it was a big win on the day of announcement, rest was only to day Pana advantages are insignificant and Oly advantages are important.

Am I correct to assume that Olympus MSC = quieter than Panasonic? I tried a Panny 25 a while back, but can hear AF noise.

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