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CollBaxter wrote:

Brad Ross wrote:

nice he turned his face for the portrait, to think that I was in Cuba two weeks ago, where I did see some lizards, but no good shots, Collin, I have about 7 foot high piles of snow all around my house that I could send you, so you can experiment with snow flakes, with Jim's pointers on his thread

Ok Heres the trade. I keep the snow .

OK only for a few days. Its hot here really hot.

I took a egg and pricked the top with a egg pricker. I left it on the decking for 15 min and then had nice hard cooked egg. Its 42C / 108F in the shade with a 15km wind that brings no relief and the same till Thursday. Birding has been on the back burner for a few weeks as the birds are not stupid and stay deep in the shade.

The air-cons are barely keeping up . The pool is great though but when you get out you are hot again. We have a window mount air-con in the lounge and all the dogs are lying in front of it with the people behind them.

The problem is we can only put on 2 units at a time other wise if you put the kettle on etc the earth leakage trips. My wife got a bit chatty about me not having it sorted out.

You are so spoiled in the "New South Africa"...

I lived in the "Old South Africa" between 1975 and 1980 and I didn't know ANYONE who had air cons at home yet I knew quite a few middle class people with nice houses and cars.

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