Need For Articulating LCD On 6D MKII

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Re: Need For Articulating LCD On 6D MKII

technic wrote:

biza43 wrote:

I can understand that a tilt and/or swivel screen is useful in some applications. What I do not understand is people not buying a 6D because it lacks one... they are missing the entire point, and that is the 6D is a very good and affordable FF DSLR.

Getting an inferior camera (with smaller sensor) just because it has such a screen, well, then they don't need FF in the first place...

So ... having FF instead of APS-C sensor is more important than all other functions / features on a camera??

If you care to read what I wrote, I was only contrasting and comparing to ONE feature, which was the tilt and/or swivel screen... All features are more or less the same these days in FF or crop cameras, for most of us. So yes, sensor size IS and CAN BE a large discriminating feature.

A tilt screen can increase creativity and help getting shots that are otherwise impossible or very difficult to get. An FF sensor on its own will do absolutely nothing to improve your creative options, it takes the same pictures just with slightly better technical quality.

Well, if you think this, then you are a long way to understand what FF is all about... Do you see all those pros shooting in big events or press conferences, taking their shots by raising the cameras above the crowd, pointing them in the general direction of the subject, and shooting away? I don´t seem them using a tilt screen... Creativity you say? Please... I shoot from the hip with my 6D and 50 1.4 lens, while looking in the opposite direction to where my subject is.

You know, practice makes wonders...

One might even guess it limits the opportunities because of increased size/weight (more risk to leave the camera at home).

This is funny, really. I also do not understand people that buy great kit, and then leave it at home...

I always thought photography was about the pictures, and not the pixels...

Again, please read what I wrote. I did not mention pixels anywhere... I know English is not my mother language, but I think I have a good grasp of it to make myself understandable.

I agree, it is about the pictures. I also know that having a tilt and swivel screen can be advantageous, but deciding not to buy a FF camera, and buy a crop camera, just because of that? fine, what I conclude is that such person does not need FF anyway, or does not understand tha advantages of FF.

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