With the world’s fastest autofocus system (A6000)

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Re: With the world’s fastest autofocus system (A6000)

hyenadog wrote:

critically focus in lower light with bright lenses is the issue ..

to be fair to Sony its a lot harder to AF fast on an APSC sensor witht he same lens as on a m4/3 but if Canikon can do it then so should sony

So can you show me a Canikon APS-C mirrorless camera that can focus fast in the lower light?

Here is a video on Youtube that shows how the A6000 fast focus indoors, maybe it helps!


i dont blame sony for rationalising the NEX range in to the 2 models as they have done, i just wish that they had kept the NEX5T with a pop up flash as the entry model as its sooooo much better than the new entry level model (new sensor aside) which is basically an old NEX3

Well there will allways be wining when a model is dropped. I like the Nex 5 over the A5000 too, but seeing the price of the A6000, with all these features I think that the new price of a Nex 5t successor will not be that much lower that I would prefer it over the A6000... (when the Nex 5t successor is like the Nex 5r/Nex 6) a Nex 6 without EVF and mode dial...

We have to see what Sony is comming with Next, there is a rumor of a Nex 7 look alike camera, maybe a FF camera in a Nex 7 body? Maybe just a Nex 7 successor, so much more like the A6000 but with more MP? Who knows, time will tell.

At this moment I think that Sony did a great job with the A6000, both in features as in price, as in looks

Can you show me a magnesium alloy body, with APS sized sensor, fast focussing camera with the features of the A6000 that costs less then $800,-- with kit lens?

Does this really show fast AF if everything is in focus to begin with?

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