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You need to take a lot of this with a pinch of salt. The D800 is currently at the top for DR thats for sure. It has 14.4 EV range. The D600 being not far behind. The D7100 is not that far behind either with an impressive 13.7 EV range. That is not a huge difference. Then you need to put that into perspective as the D7100 beats a lot of FF cameras. The D3 for example only has 12.2 EV. Then there are things like lens choice. If you prefer a zoom and use mostly in the 28mm to 50mm region the new Sigma 18-35 F1.8 makes it a bit of an equalizer too. The sharpness of the D7100 is breathtaking if you have good enough glass fitted to it. This is due to the fact you are shooting at 58 million pixels. That is what it would be if the sensor was carried over to FF. There are reasons still for FF but those reasons are mostly ever shrinking as APSC has closed the gap considerably over the years. I am a full time pro of over 30 years and I have used everything from four thirds to medium format. I now use APSC as my chosen format because I prefer it to FF. This would not have been an option 10 years ago but things have moved on. All formats have there Pros and cons. There are Pros shooting with four thirds. I doubt very much they chose to do so because of stupidity ! It is down to the individual to decide what works best for them. The only way anyone can do that is simply by understanding the Pros and cons of each format. Anyone saying that one format is better than another is being pretty silly other than talking directly for themselves. You are asking a question that only you can answer !

My view is of course its good enough and even four thirds is good enough unless there is somewhere very specific where it fails

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