FX for a casual shooter?

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Re: FX for a casual shooter?

I don't think people realise quite how dark it is in Scotland for half the year - it is bad enough in southern England - with cloud cover most of the winter. If you still want to shoot on days like this, then the extra light you get in full frame and the better sensitivity is a real bonus. You might consider paring a D600 with the Tamron 28-75 f2.8 if you want to keep fast glass. It isn't the best lens, but f2.8 zooms are otherwise very expensive. VR is good for low light, but doesn't really help with shooting twitchy dogs where you need fast shutter speeds.

Like you, I work in M mode; I let Auto ISO range up to 6400. Images taken at 6400 are still fine if you downsample to 50% which still gives an image bigger than my computer screen.

Lots of secondhand bargain fast full frame lenses available - especially primes; If you want to get in to shallow DOF photography, then it is a whole lot easier with full frame.

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