Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

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Apples and oranges

Altin wrote:

I'm ready to buy an FX camera ... i am for D800E. All my friends photographer say to get Canon 5D Mark 3.

What happen !! Why 8 photographers in 10 have a Canon 5D Mark 3 !!?

Any one have some think to say about this ?

Thank you,


I find the D800E is more effective on a tripod while I feel like I can handhold the 5D3 relatively better while achieving acceptable sharpness. Most folks want to shoot handheld even though it is a known fact that that sharpest images come off a tripod. This was true when the MP count was 12 MPs. Actually, I've recently started using a monopod (which I view as a modified handhold) and the 5D3 loses its edge.

The 800E is strictly a serious/mission critical landscape camera for me while I can use the 5D3 more comfortably for snap shooting as well as serious/mission critical landscaping. With respective 24-70s attached, the 5D3 is a half pound lighter. You didn't ask about the EOS 6D which is my 2nd/backup cam in the Canon kit, but at 3.85 lbs., the 6D/24-70 II is even lighter and would be my new snap shooter combo (if it weren't for the EF 40mm STM feather-light pancake lens).

The 5D3 is 2 fps faster. Has a bearing on landscape shooting especially when you consider non-HDR handheld bracketing.

Canon has many menu driven features while Nikon tends to retain as many physical buttons as possible for such features. Menu driven features will allow combinations that are not possible on a Nikon D800.

Electronic First Curtain Shutter: 5D3 = yes, D800E = no.

Canon does have the better 24-70 (at the moment) and a few unique tilt shift lenses. All of my Zeiss lenses are and will continue to be Nikon mounts. I am waiting patiently for the 21mm Otus.

Check the link below for side by side landscape comparisons between the 5D3 and D800E.

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