How can I transfer my old email address away from Earthlink to a free provider?

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andrzej bialuski Senior Member • Posts: 2,672
How can I transfer my old email address away from Earthlink to a free provider?

Not exactly a Mac question, but I doubt that there is a Forum dedicated to email situations.

Anyway, since I am a longstanding member here, maybe you guys and gals could help me figure out this question.

A long time ago in the age of first emails, I signed up for an email provider which had the following suffix in their address: I substituted the domain with XXX here.

As this was before Gmail and free email, this service cost only $23 per year, which was pretty cheap back than.
A while later, XXX was bought up by another company and yet later by Earthlink. Now Earthlink owns this XXX.NET email domain and still keeps it active, but its not free.

Since I had my address with XXX from the very start, I used their email address to signup to various websites and still use it for this purpose. I have numerous forum memberships and paid subscriptions including all of my business accounts connected to this email address.

To make a long story short, I could change the address, but it would be a major hassle. I really prefer to keep it and keep on using it, even if only for the purpose mentioned above. Its so easy to use it to retrieve my long forgotten passwords for services that I barely use and to login to pretty much everything.

Now here is the real question:
Earthlink charges me about $30 per year just to keep this address active. I have email forwarding enabled, so all emails sent to it, end up in my current free service inbox. I do not use the XXX domain for my everyday email correspondence.

Do you guys know if there is a way to keep this address, but not have to pay for it? At this age nobody pays for basic email service, except me. Can I transfer it to Google or whomever and keep the full extension?

I did call Earthlink a year ago and they told to keep on paying if I really need to keep the XXX active for myself.

Thanks for your answers to this puzzling question.

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