Need For Articulating LCD On 6D MKII

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Re: Need For Articulating LCD On 6D MKII

technic wrote:

Peter Marchant wrote:

the articulated LCD screen - I would find that very helpful for when the camera is on a camera stand facing downwards and used for slide digitising and built-in flash.

for slide digitizing or reproduction work I recommend shooting tethered instead, the computer screen is even better for this than a tilt LCD

Yes, I agree, but when I researched my next camera I was unaware that this was even possible!  First, I set up a 19" TV behind the camera for focussing, but it was not ideal for composition as the TV has part of the image hidden behind the frame.  Then I used a laptop, with the advantage of triggering the shutter with the space bar.

Unfortunately, for some reason, the timer facility on the laptop is greyed out, so I'm using the 2 second camera delay (to minimise effect of mirror vibration) and an 8 second delay from a third-party interval timer connected to the camera.  The camera takes 3 bracketed shots every 8 seconds with the mirror moved 2 seconds before firing - just enough time to dust a slide with soft brush, place it in its frame on the light source and remove afterwards.  A lot quicker than scanning!

I'm still pleased I chose the 70D as the articulated screen is very useful in other circumstances, although I'm never forgo a proper view finder - eg Canon M.


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