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Manual or Auto what it boils down to are more powerful units with external pp capabilites are needed here-- the ability to use both and manage quick recycles.

I thought the OP was aiming at something similar to Canons/Nikons intelligent TTL system, so thought that I should state that this is of minor importance to some of use, at least there is a possibility to use flash, even professionally. Sometimes when you read threads where people ask the manufacturers to listen and offer something automatic, a little imagination is not a bad thing, me thinks ...


Flash caters for two different sides of the profession. The first is studio photography (or studio outside the walls): there you can menage with manual flash, exposure meter, shoot-and-correct, so the present situation is not bad. The second is press-event photography, where powerful TTL flash is a fundamental safety net for changing-difficult-unpredictable lighting situations. In this field Canon and Nikon have a clear leadership built through the years. Fuji must work on this front if it wants to become a full professional system: otherwise the wedding photographer will always keep his old DSLR at hand for those moments that can't be lost.

I'm glad someone finally said this. I use manual flash all the time too, but in a fast moving environment, smart TTL is a must. This is why event photographers around the world jump for joy when Canon released the 600RT.

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