Zone and hyperfocal focusing with FE lenses

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Re: Zone and hyperfocal focusing with FE lenses

Miki Nemeth wrote:

Since manual focusing (MF) is so important on A7 in low light situation, I wonder, if there is away to set the focus distance manually on a native FE lens. I am experimenting with zone and hyperfocal focusing, and it is quite straightforward with the depth-of-view scales printed on my FD/MD/OM lenses.

FD 50mm lens set to 2.5 - 4.5 m zone focusing at f8 on A7

Thank You, Miki

Yes, you are missing something It will show a slider with the focus distance when you manual focus native lenses. This is very cool and you also can see when you are actually focussing to infinity. With legacy lenses it naturally will not show you this, but then you have the DOF scale on the lens.

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