how can the NEX auto-focus miss these shots?

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Re: how can the NEX auto-focus miss these shots?

First, a camera can't know what you want to have in focus or not.
As said by some others, when shooting people you can use facedetection , the camera will focus on a face and les likely on the background. This works fast, but a face from the side may not be recognized as so...

What I have done is this:

Set the camera (Nex 5) to DMF and focus peeking. When the camera confirms focus I see what part of the picture is in focus, when neede I refocus manualy, when not I take the picture.

It is hard to understand why the last picture is that bad out of focus, maybe the pictre was taken befor the camera was ready focussing?

For those one of a lifetime shots you may have to accept a little out of focus pictures sometimes...

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