how can the NEX auto-focus miss these shots?

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Common Frustration.....Face Detection Help to alleviate the AF inconsistancy

Sir Punk wrote: I know the photographer makes a difference but I am getting annoyed with my nex 5R because sometimes it misses good shots where autofocus and the subject in question shouldn't be trivial to figure out it should be in focus. I don't always or want to change the focus point because sometimes there is just no time and it should be evident. Look here... what do you guys think? I had face detection on (regist faces) but I have no faces registered, regardless, why is it focusing on everything else but the subject in the center. I have multi-area focus mode. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere?

Sadly, an all too common experience for most of us here soon or later.

My NEX C3 (no PDAF) will sometimes missed shot that is right in front of it.  Its a source of my constant annoyance with NEX.  I found these steps helps:

1. Take multiple shots of the same scene (machine gun approach), then threw away the OOF

2. Sony Face Detection (and Smile Shutter) works surprisingly well

They help to alleviate my NEX AF frustration, but I got tired of inconsistent result and sold my NEX.  The new Sony A6000 AF seem very promising.  Unlike NEX 5R with its exaggerated PDAF claim, the new A6000 seem to have nailed it on the AF.  I'm looking forward to A6000 with cautious optimism.

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