Does the Fuji system mean I only shoot JPG ?

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Re: Does the Fuji system mean I only shoot JPG ?

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When I shoot Canon or Nikon, I shoot RAW. When I shoot Fuji I shoot JPEG because with only a few minor tweaks in Lightroom they look better than what I can get from the RAW file. You will be amazed at how good the images look SOOC.


Thank you Mistur -- you are the only one who actually understood what I was getting at.

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"I'm really puzzled at how Fuji is getting all kinds of praise for their hardware but their software support / interpolation, whatever you want to call it is being ignored or forgotten, or maybe better said forgiven !?"

"It seems many successful Fuji shooters have some kind of hybrid workflow - does anyone know if this is going to get better -- soon ?"

It appears what you were "getting at" certainly was not communicated in what you wrote. What do you think a hybrid workflow is for, jpeg's? You shot NEX, the jpeg's are borderline unusable. I shot NEX as well for a while, I only shot raw.

Your entire question is raw software based and the answer you're looking for is because Fuji jpeg's are excellent. Mystified.

Puzzling indeed ...

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