How do you "Expose To The Right" (ETTR)?

Started Feb 17, 2014 | Polls thread
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One_Oldman_4U Senior Member • Posts: 1,299
How do you "Expose To The Right" (ETTR)?

I understand the concept of ETTR but how do you shoot ETTR?

  • How much do you expose it by? +1 sop or more??
  • Does ETTR affect BOTH RAW and JPEG?

I see a lot of exif data that the Exposure compensation is dialed down to -.3 to as much as -1

ETTR definition per Wikipedia and DPR:


Use MANUAL Mode and over expose it accordingly? Either by adjusting the Shutter or Aperture?
16.7% 6  votes
Use APERTURE or SHUTTER Priority and adjust aperture or shutter to over expose the subject accordingly?
19.4% 7  votes
Use MANUAL Mode, APERTURE or SHUTTER Priority Mode and adjust the EXPOSURE COMPENSATION (dial/knob/button) to over expose the subject?
50.0% 18  votes
Other? Please explain.
13.9% 5  votes
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