Thinking of buying a Nikon V2...

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Thinking of buying a Nikon V2...

I have the Nikon V1.. but let us be honest.. the interface is something that really is something that one needs getting used too...and as much I am amazed with the IQ of the V1.I never got used to the User interface of the V1.... and I miss the Mode Dial..PSAM in a camera....
I now see the V2 for $470 from a reputable store.. in Canada.. (I am from US)..
I have the fotodiox grip.. so the handling for the V1 is not a problem.. I guess I can sell the V1 after I get the V2?
I will sell the V1 (white) + the 10-30 lens from the V2 kit.. via ebay..
I am sure I will lose some $$ ..

What I like about the V2 is also the built in flash.. although I have the SB-N5 .. which as small as it is.. when I walk around in my photo trips around wherever city I am at, I always have this fear that I might break it off by accident from its port.. because it protrudes UP.. I wish the SB-N5 was designed just like those clip on flashes on sony NEX cams or that one from the Oly EM5.. it is in a horizontal position when not in use.. it is out of the way..
14mp is also nice for better cropping versatility..
hhmm.. to change or not?
of course I bought the V1 when when they had that sale.. hence I bought it.. I guess only I can answer my own question..
But I guess i need to be convinced more by fellow enthusiasts

or maybe I am still waiting for the price to go down some more I am not in a hurry LOL!

Nikon 1 V1 Nikon 1 V2
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