And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

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Re: And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

dL302 wrote:

7. X-trans & LR. I think I just got Fuji at the wrong time but the support for LR was limited early last year and it was an awkward decision for me to think if I should shoot JPEG for better IQ or RAW for better WB adjustment. I know there are other softwares but I am stubborn haha. Again, it's probably better now? Please tell me it is.

I've only load some RAW files available on the web and have tried some post-processing with LR5: the IQ is really excellent (even at high ISO). I can compare with 5dII, D7000 (my own files) and some others on the net: (Sony A7 for the most recent). IQ are very similar, and over 6400 ISO I don't like any of these cameras. But I've notice a very small but observable latency when post-processing fuji files (even with files of the Xa-1, and this is not a X-trans sensor). By the way, IQ is really impressive for this budget camera.

Maybe I will agree with you on this other points, because I've been trying the first X100 and it was not enough responsive for me, as I'm a dslr user. But since X100 and XE1, things have changed and I think Fuji cameras are ok now. Maybe I will invest in a FUji X100s rather than a Xt1, because I really enjoy the hybrid viewfinder.

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