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Re: Accessories for the Sony NEX ... Ownuser grip

Anybody out there tried the NEX 6-7 Ownuser grip yet (MIG-SNX7)? I'm wondering what the overall battery life is like, how the ir shutter button function effects battery life and if it is deactivatable. Also, I see one of the models comes with a remote, but i cannot find any info about it, anybody have any experience with it or used another remote with the grip? Finally, I've read similar models can work with one battery only, I'm wondering if batteries are 'hot swappable' i.e. swapping a dead battery out for a new one whilst shooting

Also, any useful phone apps you guys used successfully in conjunction with your NEX? Everything I've tried so far doesn't work due to the camera going into USB mode when you attach an OTG cable. I don't have an IR transmitter on my phone so I haven't tried it yet

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