Buying E-PL5 or E-M10

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Re: Buying E-PL5 or E-M10

Well once you add in the cost of a new or used EVF, the price of the EPL5 is closer to that of the EM10, so it's hard to argue for the EPL5. I have an EPL5 with VF4 and I love the combo, but I can't say I'd buy it today over the EM10.  I actually find the EPL5 okay to use even with my large-ish hands, but I suppose it depends how you shoot.  I mostly just keep it in A and use exposure comp and a back button to focus, so I don't really feel that deprived of controls (plus the super control panel is only a button press away). However the little dial thing on the back is annoying and fiddly, and when I look at my other camera - a Ricoh GR - which is not that much bigger, I wonder why Olympus couldn't have fit in an additional dial or lever or something.  But I do like how the EPL5 can go from something you can fit in your palm like the GR (with a pancake lens and no EVF) to something more substantial in your hand eg. with the VF4 and a larger lens.

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