Making the best of SEL 16-50 Wide Angle Distortion

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Re: Making the best of SEL 16-50 Wide Angle Distortion

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But this 16-50 PZ? Phew.

It's pretty sharp at 16mm once you get past the corrections. It's an odd lens, but nicely compact, with good contrast and color. Want a better lens? Buy a more expensive one! Simple.

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Gary W.

Reminder we had the 16/2.8 from the beginning and it is another distorter. But with correction on in the menu from NEX-5N +, it is much better.

I think you've said this before, but distortion is very minor from the 16/2.8.

According to Photozone, the distortion is only .6%. Slrgear results are similar.

It has a touch of "mustache" distortion, which might be harder to correct, but it's so minor it just doesn't need correction most of the time.

When I first got it about a year ago, I tried some tile wall tests on the 5R with Distortion correction off, then on. The was a big difference....correction straightened the very curved lines. Even worse was that lens on my NEX-3.

Strangely to me, the 16's UWA seems to have the additional ability to reduce barrel distortion. It is excellent.

It's almost a no-cost (to quality) option. The 16/UWA combo is really special, and something many just don't seem to "get."

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Gary W.

I seldom use it with the 16. I use it a lot on the 14/2.5 Lumix pancake lens mounted on my E-PM1, where it is truly exceptional. Lines are straight although the effective DOF is 11 mm.

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