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Re: Tilting at windmills

ragmanjin wrote:

KL Matt wrote:

awaldram wrote:

KL Matt wrote:

Ok sorry about that, didn't mean to make it personal. I take it back. If you would like and would do likewise from your reply I will try to delete my comment.

EDIT: Sorry, it won't let me withdraw or edit that post. It's been more than 5 minutes apparently.

EDIT: So I complained about my own post. Maybe a mod will delete it.

Now that is cool .

I wondered when I did it how often that's happened before -- someone complaining about their own post. Maybe a first for the respective mod and they get a chuckle? Hope I don't get banned! :-o

Maybe they'll see it as everyone makes mistakes.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


Definitely not a first, I've had to complain about "my own" posts a couple times after my wife thought it would be funny to post angry nonsense on here when I was sleeping/not looking. Also once when I was super drunk and forgot what point I was trying to make while I was writing a post.

Ah, the early days.


Speak of the devil...what was I saying?


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